Handwerk trifft Moderne

Craft meets modernity

As you have probably already seen in our shop, we have significantly expanded our product portfolio, especially in the direction of our handmade leather watch straps.
Is this new territory for us? Absolutely not!
Since 1965, we have been producing and selling high-quality watch straps to jewelers, watchmakers and classic watch brands around the world.
We have now taken the step to make our premium collection, which is handmade in Europe, compatible with your Apple Watch.
We attach particular importance to creating a product that you will enjoy every day when you wear it on your wrist and that offers outstanding quality at a fair price.
All bracelets in our "Handmade" collection are made from exclusive types of leather, ranging from specially treated calfskin to genuine antelope or alligator leather.
We source all of these types of leather from well-known tanneries in southern Europe, which place particular emphasis on a skin-friendly vegetable tanning process.

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